About us

H.O. "Child's heart"

In 2001 we registered the organization “Child’s heart”, so that we could formalize and structure the work of enthusiast, mostly defectologists, who wished to spend their free time, knowledge and other resources in order to help people with disabilities. The research that we have conducted back then, showed that within the marginalized groups the most vulnerable group of children are children with mental disability. Knowledge that someone has to represent their rights during their whole life chose our work and the path we walk today.


Structure of the organization

Since its beginning, “Child’s Heart” has endeavored to establish an adequate organizational structure that would enable the sustainability, stability and functionality in the society that is in the process of constant transformation. Constant changes of government, laws and regulations, changes in the financial stability of the country and general instability required the organized structured so that it can survive in all periods. Our path must not be interrupted, because we are established to represent children and people with mental disability, who will need that for their entire life. They will always need someone to help them, represent them and try to socialize them. 

For eleven years we have resisted, overcome the crisis and every year we were stronger, more stable and organized, and the good structure has helped us in that.


Documents of the organization

Below you can see the official documents of our organization in Serbian language:




Legal status of the organisation:  NGO

Address:  31, Cara Nikolaja II Street 61a, 11000 Belgrade

Phone/fax:  +381 11 3349 623; +381 641575 962; 

E-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Humanitarian organisation “Child’s Heart” helps the disabled persons through the implementation of integrative, psychosocial and educative programmes. Through the educations, accredited programmes, mentoring and supervision, we have affected social changes in the Republic of Serbia and the improvement of the quality of work with the disabled persons. “Child’s Heart” was founded on March 09, 2001, as non-government, non-profit and non-political organisation, registered by the Federal Ministry of Justice.  

The mission of the organisation  is to provide professional support to the people with disabilities, their families and professionals at the territory of Serbia. 

The vision of the organisation is to eliminate the prejudice and to integrate the disabled into the society. 



The recommendations confirm our work, they open new fields for cooperation and motivate us so that every next step is better and more qualitative athan previous. We cooperate with Ministries, Republic services, Municipalities, UNICEF, local and foreign donors, Parent's associations, Institutions that take care about people with disabilities, Faculties and Experts organizations and many other. What they think about us and our work, you can see below, in Serbian language. 


Partners of Child's heart

The quality of our life will increase if we choose an adequate life partner, the quality of our work will increase if we have an adequate business partner, and the quality of the service that we provide will increase if many of us, with different knowledge and possibilities, go toward the same goal. “Child’s heart” searches, chooses and finds partners for years. We choose them and they choose us, and the goal is always the same, to help those who need help the most.




Na ovoj mapi možete da vidite mesta na kojima smo radili do sada.



 Since 2001, we have based our work upon 10 principles:

  1. Love toward the work we do
  2. Selfless efforts in achieving the set goal
  3. The wish to move our limits
  4. Desire to get the maximum potential from our users
  5. User is supposed to enjoy our company
  6. The necessity of creating everything that is important for user to have better, easier and more fulfilling life
  7. Developing of teamwork where every team member chooses and gets chosen for the work that will perform
  8. Exchange of knowledge, experience and program with all relevant actors in the country and abroad that could promote, improve and modernize our work
  9. To reach the farthest place in Serbia if we know that our work will lead to a positive change in the quality of life of any man
  10. Strategic, planned and systematically planned content access




You can contact us on one of following ways:

Phone:(+381) 11 33 49 623
Fаx:(+381) 11 33 49 623
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.